Homesteading, Living Off The Grid, Bushcraft Skills, And Emergency Preparedness

Water - Off grid and emergency water sources, water disinfection, how to build a spring water catchment, how to locate water, how to dig a water well

Food - Early American/log cabin cooking and food preparation, foraging for wild edible plants, edible insects, wild edible mushrooms, meat/fish, food preservation and storage, pasteurize milk

Shelter - Emergency shelters, debris huts, cabins, tarps, naturally occurring shelters, wind breaks, winter shelters

Fire - How to start a fire, how to build a fire, tinder, firesteel and fire starter rods, fire safety, transporting fire, clearing land with fire, how to protect your land

Tips and Tricks - Cordage, containers, tools, child care, build weapons, animal attacks

Natural Home Remedies - Essential oils, medicinal plants, wilderness hygiene, outdoor health emergencies, wounds and broken bones, natural insect repellent, how to dry herbs

Navigation - Read a map, read a compass, navigate in the rain, navigate using nature, navigate using sky

Green Living - Alternative energy(solar, wind, etc.), how to compost, raising livestock

Weather - Read the sky, read animal behavior, how to tell time in the wilderness, wilderness climates

Garden - Hardiness zone map, vegetable planting guide, how to trellis melons, how to start seeds, build a greenhouse, "Back to Eden" method

Survival Courses - Connect with survival schools around America

Survival Mentality - Managing your money

...and much more!
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Not that long ago and throughout history everyone knew how to homestead and live off the grid because there were no other options. Self reliance, bushcraft skills, and an innate understanding of the land was essential and still is in many places; from what certain clouds mean, to foraging, to navigating, to how to track game, to when optimal harvest times are. Their experiences comprise a rich history of survival skills that we can draw from.
It's easy to forget that nature provides everything. It's our grocery store, and our medicine chest. It supplies our clothing and shelter. If we are going to retain some level of independence it's imperative that we don't forget where we came from. The past is the future. People are turning back to nature and re-learning homesteading and wilderness skills.
Looking forward we can easily have it all. More simplicity, peace of mind, and freedom in our lives. Pair wilderness survival skills with modern technology, such as solar and wind energy, and we've never been more capable of effectively prepping and homesteading off the grid.
This site is dedicated to providing solid information for modern pioneers who are interested in living off the grid, homesteading, learning bushcraft skills, and emergency preparedness, as well as campers, hikers, foragers, gardeners, and nature lovers.