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Simply put, this site is a place where anyone can grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and even before they finish breakfast, can learn a little something new. If you like things that are handmade with care, information you can trust, and zero BS, then you're going to love Survivallandusa.com. Stop back again at lunchtime! 

Survivallandusa.com is a cyber-land chockfull of timeless, interesting topics related to all aspects of wilderness survival and living off grid. Though much is completed, there are parts of this site that are still in the works - sorry in advance for any inconvenience.

Learn the basics here - like how to forage for wild edible plants and mushrooms, how to locate water, find and build shelters, and start fires. Also discover a variety of primitive and old fashioned crafts, like cheese making from scratch and how to harness a spring as an off grid water source, that until now were nearly lost to modern America.

The 21st century has provided us with some amazing tools too. Incorporating solar, wind power and other modern innovations into our lives means we don't necessarily have to give up all of the bells and whistles we're accustomed to, only the monthly bills. Learn about the amazing technology that is revolutionizing how we work, live and play, plus, crazy clever tips and ideas, and much, much more.

Step back from the rush of modern life. Free yourself with the knowledge and skills that people have survived on for millennia, many of which are still in use in some places around the world today. Take advantage of new ways to simplify your life. These things combined can empower us to live more self sufficient, less stressful lives now, while arming ourselves to face anything that comes our way in the future. That's a pretty smart investment to make.

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On my journey into the world of bushcraft, wilderness survival and off the grid living, I've watched a lot of interviews and presentations. The people below stand out as being particularly significant, so I thought I'd share:
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“These times are too progressive. Everything has changed too fast. Railroads and telegraphs and kerosene and coal stoves - they're good to have but the trouble is, folks get to depend on 'em.”

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Long Winter
Featured Video - Russell Means  (Lakota Actor, Author and Activist) -
Americans Are The New Indian
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I'm Off Grid And I'm Not Crazy
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The Most Important Thing We Have Learned From Our Homesteading Experience
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One More Thought...

"Over the years I have come to realize the importance of all physical skills in the philosophy of living as one with the Earth. It was not just the skills of tracking and awareness that are important, but also the skills of survival. In the times before the reservations, according to Grandfather, the Native Americans held all practice of the physical skills in the same esteem that they held the highest spiritual ceremonies and sacred objects. As the sacred, religious skills were for the survival of the spirit, the physical skills were for the survival of the flesh. One could not exist without the other, for both were considered to be sacred gifts from the Creator."
~ Tom Brown Jr, from The Science and Art of Tracking

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