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“These times are too progressive. Everything has changed too fast. Railroads and telegraphs and kerosene and coal stoves - they're good to have but the trouble is, folks get to depend on 'em.”

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Long Winter
Wilderness Survival Skills, Bushcraft And Off Grid Living Resources

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Off Grid Water - Off grid and emergency water sources, water disinfection, how to build a spring water catchment, how to locate water, how to dig a water well

Wild Food - Early American/log cabin cooking and food preparation, wild edible plants, edible insects, wild edible mushrooms, meat/fish, food preservation and storage, pasteurize milk

Shelter - Emergency shelters, debris huts, cabins, tarps, naturally occurring shelters, wind breaks, winter shelters

Fire - How to start a fire, how to build a fire, tinder, firesteel and fire starter rods, fire safety, transporting fire, clearing land with fire, types of fires, how to protect your land

Tips and Tricks - Cordage, containers, tools, child care, build weapons, animal attacks

Natural Home Remedies - Essential oils, medicinal plants, wilderness hygiene, outdoor health emergencies, wounds and broken bones, natural insect repellent, how to dry herbs

Navigation - Read a map, read a compass, navigate in the rain, navigate using nature, navigate using sky

Green Living - Alternative energy(solar, wind, etc.), how to compost, raising livestock

Weather - Read the sky, read animal behavior, how to tell time in the wilderness, wilderness climates

Garden - Hardiness zone map, vegetable planting guide, how to trellis melons, how to start seeds, build a greenhouse, "Back to Eden" method

Survival Courses - Connect with survival schools around America

Survival Mentality - Managing your money

Survival Store - An organized online store with great products and gear for camping, hiking, outdoors and off grid enthusiasts, preppers, homesteaders

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