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We want to make as helpful to users as we can, but in doing so we ALWAYS respect your need for privacy and security. Recent changes in legislation make it necessary to explain how, in common with nearly all modern websites, this site makes use of text files known as 'cookies' to optimize its performance, so here goes;

Use of 'cookies' on
A 'cookie' is a piece of data about a website that is stored in your web browser. The website makes use of cookies to give us information about the number of visitors to our site, which search terms are most used on the site, and which pages users make most use of. These cookies are anonymous: we do not know what you personally or any other individual visitors to the website are looking at.

Modern browsers allow you to control how cookies are handled, whether they are accepted and how long they are stored for. The way that different browsers do this varies, but the 'help' documentation for your particular browser will allow you to see such details. We also use information via Google Analytics, which helps us to measure the usage of our site. The tiny image files used by Google Analytics are transparent, so they can't be seen and they will not make any noticeable difference to your browsing experience; most importantly, they do not give away any personal data.

Limitation of our liability is accessible under the following conditions:

1. The content available on this Web site is for information and interest only, and the information given on is provided as-is without warranty or guarantee of any kind. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence, have the proper knowledge, experience, training and equipment before taking action of any kind. Your use of the content on this web site for any purpose is at your own risk.
2. You are solely responsible for evaluating any goods or services offered by third parties via
3. Our site contains links to websites owned by other organizations and individuals. While we have inspected those external sites and have found no objectionable or questionable content within them, but we make no guarantees regarding their content or working practices.
4. Any personal information you choose to disclose to third parties is at your own risk.

*We have done our best to secure permission for use of photos collected from the World Wide Web. If you believe a photo is being used improperly, please contact the Web Master and it will be addressed immediately.
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