Early American Recipes And Log Cabin Cooking

Early American Recipes And Log Cabin Cooking
When our nation was young, meals depended on the know-how, perseverance, hard work, and gardening, hunting, foraging, fishing, gathering, and preservation skills of those who ate them, not to mention a fair bit of luck. That was just life for the native people and early American settlers. It took patience and time to pull things together in those days. If they planted, they had to wait until it was ready to harvest. If they foraged, they had to take what was available at the time.

Those foods were then crafted into wholesome meals, which meant another day of life for early Americans and their families. Life was tough, but it was also simple, and everything was appreciated. Recipes and various food crafting skills were crucial to know, and were passed down from one generation to the next.

Use the menu above-right to browse a variety of printable early American recipes, plus, learn how to make homemade cheese, butter, cooking oil, and much more. It's really not that difficult!

Also, click the link below for more information about early American food. "American Heritage Vegetables" documents the cultivation practices, popular varieties, and cookery of vegetables found in American kitchen and market gardens before the twentieth century. There's some good stuff here. Happy cooking!
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