Improving Garden Soil
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How To Improve Garden Soil

After doing much research on gardening and improving garden soil, I ran across a film called "Back to Eden". The method of soil improvement and maintenance in the film is so revolutionary(and I'm not just using "revolutionary" as a cliche!), so logical, and so simple compared to traditional gardening methods like tilling, fertilizing, and weeding, that nearly anyone who can pick up a rake can garden more cheaply than ever before, and without the back-breaking labor, plus it improves over time! You can have an organic, flavorful, and nutritious garden that actually works for you, instead of the other way around! I realize that sounds like a fantastic claim, but this film is truly worth the watch, no strings attached. This method of organic gardening means better health for the earth, for the plants, and in turn, for us!

Paul Gautschi is the man behind the movie, who lives in Washington state. He has impressed so many people with his home garden, that his story inspired a documentary called "Back To Eden", and word is spreading! On you'll find lots of videos that people have filmed as a result of him generously allowing them to tour his small farm. Paul Gautschi applies nothing more than a thick layer of woodchips, organic manure, and the dirt from his chicken coop on his plants. That's it. Once it's there, it lasts for a very long time. No chemicals and minimal watering is necessary, and minimal effort is required to maintain it compared to traditional gardening!

It's my pleasure to share with you the story that has literally changed my gardening perspective forever!

Please click here to visit Youtube and watch the full "Back To Eden" movie!