machete, how to make a natural knife
Wind up radio, ham radio,

A Knife Has Vast Uses. It can Dig In Hard Earth. It Can Chop Branches. It Can Whittle Out A Spear Or Make a Hole In Your Fire board. It Can Do Everything From Kill An Animal To Open A Coconut To Reflect Light As A Signal For Help.
Fire Will Keep You Warm, Ward Off Insects, Provide Light, Sterilize Water, Cook Food, Cauterize Wounds, Clear Brush And Signal For Help.
Tips And Tricks
If you don't use any other tip given on this site, make sure that you use this one. If you are planning to go on a trip into the wilderness alone, always let someone know specifically where you are going and exactly when you plan to return. That way, if you are alone and there is an emergency, someone will know where and when to start looking for you as soon as you don't return on time!

Learn some things that will make life in the wilderness a little easier
Boil water in plastic bottles:

Burying animal guts with seeds  composting,

Migrate with the seasons? Native americans
Make a raft or boat
If you are stranded in avehicle do not leave it!
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