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The Edible Garden
It's a magical thing to watch food and flowers spring from the earth when you have worked the soil with your own two hands.

Follow Alys Fowler through the transformation of her plot from a small flower garden into a flower-vegetable garden. These videos contain some great educational and instructional gardening tips from the UK. Turn your garden into a garden that is not only pleasant to the eyes, ears and nose, but to the palate as well.

If you are short on gardening space or just want to learn more about the benefits of planting flowers and vegetables in a garden together, grab some coffee and enjoy the show!
The Edible Garden - Part 1
Peas And Beans
The Edible Garden - Part 2
The Edible Garden - Part 3
Roots And Leafy Greens
The Edible Garden - Part 4
Juicy Fruits
The Edible Garden - Part 5 Flowers And Herbs
The Edible Garden - Part 6
The Winter Larder